Robberies on the Rise

According to data from 3SI Security Systems, there has been a 148% increase in ATM machine attacks between 2020 and 2019.  With the number of ATM attacks on the rise, what can be done to reduce or prevent ATM crimes? Below are items to implement to make your ATM less desirable as a target for thieves.

First, the placement of your ATM machine is important.  You want the ATM as visible as possible, not tucked behind a wall or covered by landscaping.  Place the ATM in a location as visible as possible on all sides.  Don’t make it easy for the burglar to hide behind an obstruction.

Security cameras are a must and proper placement is a must.  How often does your security company monitor your bank’s security cameras? What kind of reporting do they provide?  How often are your security cameras checked?  Does your staff have proper training on how to monitor, service, and check the proper placement of your cameras? 

The third item on the ATM robbery prevention list is lighting.  Well-lit ATMs are not a robber’s friend.  Check the lighting levels on and around your ATM.  Are those levels compliant with your state’s requirements?  Do you know if your state regulates the lighting of your ATM machines?  Some states do and others don’t.  For more information on your state’s lighting requirements, email [email protected] or call 888-858-6367

We can let you know if your state has regulations regarding ATM lighting requirements and perform an audit on your ATMs to determine the lighting level and if you are in compliance if required by your state. We provide a detailed report on each ATM’s lighting level and recommendations on getting your bank’s ATMs in compliance. 

Lighting levels are critical, and all lighting is not created equally.  There is lighting available that is appropriate for your residence and different levels of commercial lighting.  Because your ATM needs to be well-lit for many hours throughout the night, it needs to be commercial-grade level. ELG works with lighting manufacturers that provide top-of-the-line commercial products appropriate for lighting your ATMs. 

Lighting fixtures are available in a variety of materials including tamper-resistant fixtures that will not make it easy for would-be robbers to break the fixtures.  Are your fixtures tamper/burglar resistant?  If not, we can recommend the proper tamper/burglar-resistant fixtures for your bank.

For more information on ATM lighting regulations for your state or for questions, call 888-858-6367 or email [email protected].