Webinar Announcement: Decode VFD Controls

DECODE Variable Frequency Drive Controls: How to uncover economic opportunities for your application

We’ve teamed up with some of our expert colleagues, Development Solutions Midwest, to bring you an introduction to another potential cost savings opportunity for your company – Variable Frequency Drives.

Together, we’ll:

  1. DECODE what is a Variable Frequency Drive,
  2. Explore energy-savings opportunities from VFD system applications and,
  3. Showcase case studies that DELIVER the proof in economic opportunity.

Expert Speakers:

  • Eric Hansel, President & CEO, Expert Lighting Group
  • Walt Dindoffer, President & Owner, Development Solutions Midwest
  • Kevin Anderson, Senior Project Manager, Development Solutions Midwest

Join us on Tuesday, May 5th at 10am EST for a 45-minute webinar.

To register, please email eric@expertlightinggroup.com.