Ultraviolet Lighting Products: Myth vs. Fact

With employers looking to make their work spaces safe and pandemic proof their facilities amid COVID-19, ultraviolet lighting products offer solutions to safely and efficiently purify the air and sanitize surfaces. As more products hit the market, Expert Lighting Group is committed to helping cut through the myths surrounding this technology.


Ultraviolet Lighting Products and COVID-19

MYTH: “COVID-19 will pass and then I will have invested in a lighting solution I don’t need.”

FACT: The value of ultraviolet lighting products for the workplace goes beyond COVID-19. These solutions increase air quality and help sanitize facilities, proving effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungus which can spread other illnesses. Additionally, ultraviolet light extends the life of HVAC systems and reduces operating costs by eliminating buildup and mold that cause the units to run inefficiently.

MYTH: “Ultraviolet light is only getting attention because of the politics of COVID-19.”

FACT: Ultraviolet light is rooted in science, not politics. For 100 years it has killed microbes, including viruses and bacteria. It is a proven and effective disinfectant used for decades in hospitals and operating rooms and water treatment facilities.

MYTH: “It doesn’t actually stop COVID-19.”

FACT: Ultraviolet light kills the microbes in viruses, eliminating the airborne transmission. In the past, UV light combatted against MERS, SARS and Ebola and is incorporated in multi-barrier strategies to eliminate COVID-19.

The Business Case For Ultraviolet Lighting Products

Ultraviolet Lighting Products

MYTH: “It’s too expensive for my company.”

FACT: Expert Lighting Group creates custom solutions while keeping costs down with the highest quality products and retrofitting options. A recent lighting project design incorporates an ultraviolet strategy that continually kills airborne viruses, bacteria and germs for an annual cost of $27 per person (customer and employee). While prices vary based on each facility, ultraviolet lighting solutions offer value and creates peace of mind at the workplace.

MYTH: “Ultraviolet lighting products are created equal.”

FACT: Like with any technology wave, some unvetted products offer results but do not deliver. Contact a lighting expert to advocate on your behalf before purchasing any products claiming to kill COVID-19. This ensures you identify quality, high-performing products that provide the value and results you deserve.

MYTH: “There is a one-size-fits-all strategy for effective UV lighting protection.”

FACT: The reality is every facility is different and there is no product that addresses every facility type. That’s where Expert Lighting Group’s in-depth study is important. We are product-agnostic. We evaluate your facility and design an ultraviolet lighting protection system that meets your unique needs.


Side Effects of Ultraviolet Light Exposure

MYTH: “Exposure to ultraviolet lighting products will cause skin cancer.”

FACT: When installed and used properly, quality products offer a safe, efficient method to eliminating airborne viruses and bacteria The Expert Lighting Group team has the expertise to recommend and develop safe lighting solutions that work for your unique facility and circumstances.

MYTH: “Ultraviolet lighting will make it feel like I am working in a tanning bed.”

FACT: Ultraviolet-A lights look like any other traditional lighting – with no purple hue. However, Ultraviolet-C lights produce a dangerous purple hue. In these instances, they are installed in HVAC systems and air ducts, where there is no human contact.

Expert Lighting Group decodes the myths and understands the facts about UV lighting and what it can do for your business. Book an in-depth study of your facility at info@expertlightinggroup.com or by calling 888.858.6367.

Ultraviolet Lighting Products: Myth vs Fact Infographic