Step 1: DECODE

Our philosophy at Expert Lighting Group is simple. We DECODE, DISRUPT, and DELIVER.


Well you know the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” We find that to be the case for most of our clients. Our specialty is decoding building energy efficiency, particularly when it comes to lighting and variable frequency drives.

The lights of the past aren’t as efficient as the quality LED lights of today. Let us stress QUALITY LED’s because not all LED lights are created equal. We go into more detail on this topic in our recent post. Again, we DECODE the sea of LED options for our clients, only partnering with manufacturers that meet our stringent list of requirements like high efficiency, performance, warranty, efficacy, technology and other points as well.

We analyze our client’s existing lighting to decipher the best solution for their application and yield the best cost and energy savings. Lighting design is our art form. Proper design brings optimal illumination for our clients facilities while uncovering cost saving opportunities. This is yet another area we DECODE for our clients.

And let’s be honest electric bills can be complicated, especially if you are a manufacturer with 24/7 shifts and operating heavy machinery. Our team of experts helps DECODE our client’s bills to find opportunities for cost and energy savings.

Decode, Decoder Ring

Decoding is always the first step in our process and reinforces our client centric approach.

Next week we’ll share how we DISRUPT the lighting industry. Stay tuned!