Recession-Proof Your Business: A Cash Positive Solution

With COVID-19 disrupting our daily routines and threatening to dismantle our national economy now is the time to find opportunities to reduce overhead expenses. This will help you ride out what may be a long draught in the economy, a “new normal” or through this transitional time that is definitely something we have yet to understand.

The experts will advise you to protect cash flow while bracing for a recession. But our thoughts are shared, in this Inc article “5 Ways You Can Recession Proof Your Business.”

“Invest in upgrades now, not later.”

This may seem unconventional to some. But a cash positive facility upgrade can uncover additional cash flow that can help sustain your business through rocky economic times and even help conserve jobs.

From our expert lens, here is one example of a cost saving opportunity. An immediate reduction to the electric bill would surely be welcomed from businesses that are still up and running and trying to maintain.

The Proof.

Expert Lighting Group recently saved a client over $1M without a spend whatsoever. We went so far as to pay their document fees for a special financing package from the local utility that was 0% for 36-months. The client literally spent nothing. The savings each month from the new lighting was greater than their monthly payment. They have saved without an actual spend.

Cash Positive Savings, LED Lighting Upgrade

So do you want to explore how to recession-proof business and find “the money sitting on the table”? If the answer is “Yes”, we are one social distancing phone call or email away.