More Than Just One-For-One and Done

As lighting technology has evolved over the years, so should your lighting design.

Most lighting upgrades consist of a one-for-one replacement that results in about a 55-60% reduction in energy consumption.

ELG rarely, if ever, conducts a one-for-one replacement in industrial applications. After a comprehensive audit of your facility, our certified lighting professionals customize your lighting design.  

Our engineered solution typically results in removal of between 20-45% of existing light fixtures and energy savings between 72 and 91%.

Out-dated Lighting Technology

To top it off, ELG’s disruption of the lighting industry eliminates unnecessary product markups from entities like manufacturer rep agencies, installation contractors and general contractors.  (So you are in the know, each of these entities typically markup products by 8-15% each.)

So if you haven’t LED’d yet, go for maximum energy savings AND better design. Instead of a one-for-one replacement, have an expert in your corner.