Maximizing Energy Savings Over Just Saving Energy

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So? What’s wrong with that? 

After all, the Plant Manager is simply looking out for the company, right? WRONG. 

First, there is a HUGE difference between SAVING ENERGY by going from old lighting technology like HID lighting (metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor) or even from fluorescent (T-12, T8) to LED. Secondly, completing a lighting upgrade to MAXIMIZE energy savings is a different mindset.

Today, the difference between a simple one-for-one replacement of light fixtures may net you between 55% and 65% energy savings like we discussed in last week’s post. By approaching it with this different mindset and custom design, which is our preference, yields you better results. 

This mindset, the ELG approach, includes selecting best-in-class products, following light level recommendations from the Illuminating Engineering Society and adding lighting controls your upgrade could net a savings on your current lighting spend of over 90%.

Here’s a real life example.

Recently, Expert Lighting Group presented a study of swapping out our client’s existing 2 x 4 troffers (lighting fixtures) to new LED fixtures. We compared three different LED fixtures. Over a 10-year period, the 250 best-in-class fixtures, which were 40% more at the time of purchase, proved a savings of over $10,000.00.

So are you ready to MAXIMIZE your energy savings over just saving energy? Don’t leave money on the table, consult an expert.