How to Decipher the Many LED Options

Did you know that for every LED product you buy there are probably 100 different options?

For example, a standard LED light tube that is 4-feet long and replaces a standard fluorescent of the same length. There are different name brands, wattages, lumen output (how much light it produces) warranties, ones that work with a ballast, one without, one with both.

So on to DECODE wattage.

In that same example, your new wattage could range from 10 watts to 18 watts. While 8 watts might not seem like a big deal, multiple those 8 watts (which represents an 80% increase) over the number of tubes you need, multiplied by the annual hours, multiplied by the number of years you expect them to last.

Now, complete this SAME exercise for each and every application throughout your facility. See the importance?

By not doing this, you are at the mercy of the person selling it to you, whose motivation is selling you as many as possible, of both materials and labor.

We find most clients don’t bother going through the painstaking process of figuring out which lighting fixture is best to use, and more importantly, which one is optimal for THEIR project goals and the application it’s being used in.

We understand; you aren’t lighting experts. Expert Lighting Group has decoded and disrupted the lighting industry for this reason.

So, what’s our secret sauce?

We charge our clients a flat-rate amount, based on the square footage of the facility. When we’re ‘hired,’ we become your temporary expert and complete your project at a fraction of the cost with quality products. Or as we like to say, ‘We’ve disrupted the lighting industry” for the benefit of our clients.